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Business or advertising flags are one of the best outdoor sign options to increase visibility and advertise your business. These flags come in different shapes and sizes but all offer durability and portability for events, trade shows, physical locations and more. Completely customize your business flag using our online design tool or get free design service from one of our professional graphic designers.

Ship it to your business or the hotel of your next event, our next day shipping and 100% satisfaction guarantee will make sure you have the business flags you need, when you need them. Produced in state-of-the-art facilities, our flag banners are of the highest quality along with our industry-best customer service. We look forward to helping you customize your next advertising flag today!




About Our Teardrop Flag Banners


Using a teardrop flag banner in front of your store or business will surely be an eye-catcher and help to draw attention of those that pass by. Your design will be digitally printed using dye sublimation process on a 4 oz. polyester banner, which will give you a vibrant display that will last. The banner is attached to a lightweight

aluminum and fiberglass flagpole, which offers stability and flexibility. With a variety of stand options you can place your custom teardrop flag banner outside or inside. Advertising is made simple yet effective with these teardrop flag banners. Whether your store, promoting a sale, or showing off a new product, the teardrop banner will be a perfect addition to your storefront or display.



Installation & Care

Installation: Setting up your teardrop flag will take no time at all. Assembling the flagpole is simple and only requires you to combine the separate pole pieces from largest to smallest. There is no mechanism to link together. Once the pole is assembled, it's time to attach the pocket of the banner. Once attached, secure the completed flagpole to your base using the cord on the pole. Now you're ready to display your custom printed teardrop banner.

Care: Caring for your teardrop banner requires little effort as long as you properly store the banner when not in use. Though the flagpole and banner are both durable, we strongly recommend storing it indoors during heavy wind storms to protect it from being damaged. You can clean the banner with water and a damp cloth to help remove built up dirt. These banners are also machine washable. When machine washing, use a low cycle and cold water without bleach.

Teardrop Flag Banners Highlights

Weight: 8lbs (this weight includes the banner,assembled flagpole, and ground stake)

Thickness: 4oz. polyester

Details: 4oz. polyester banner with a dye sublimation printed image or design, attached to an aluminum and fiberglass pole with an included pole bag, and variety of optional bases and carrying case (optional).

Uses: Indoor and outdoor use to display business logos, promotions, sales, advertisements, and products. Can be displayed a trade shows, conferences, outside your storefront and a variety of other events.

Print Method: Full color digitally printed dye sublimation printing process.

Estimated Lifespan: 2+ years

Common Sizes: 7ft, 9ft, 11.2ft, 13.5ft (these include base height, please see FAQ for specific banner size)

Teardrop Flag Banner Options

  • Printed Sides
  • Accessories
  • Base
  • Poles